When Hermione underwent Sorting before beginning her education at Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat got all kinds of insight into her mind, heart, and soul just by being placed on her head.

You know that girl was headed straight to Ravenclaw until the Sorting Hat got a good long look at her.

Similarly, I need some insight before I can start work on your design project. Unfortunately, I can’t gain that insight sitting on your head; it would both look ridiculous and be uncomfortable for all parties involved. Also, I don’t have JK Rowling writing cool, inspirational poems for me to spout from my perch.

Instead, I devised a Design Sorting Questionnaire. These questions about you, your business, and your project needs give me information I need to determine if I can offer you the solutions you’re seeking. The questions aren’t complicated, but I do need you to be thorough. The details you provide act as the foundation for your design project. I can’t give you digital magic unless you communicate clearly with me.

To complete the questionnaire, just click the Sort Me button. The questionnaire will open in a new window. Once you submit, I’ll review, and follow up if I need further information. Then, you’ll receive a custom quote outlining your chosen features, as well as more information on how your project might progress.

This is just the first step in preparing for your design project, but it’s an important one. So, go on. Let’s get sorted.