Designed by Laura | Nerd + Badass

I'm a nerd + a badass

You can call me a nerd

But I prefer “intellectual badass”

My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw.
My superpower of choice is telekinesis.
I wish I were a fairy.

I’m still waiting on a mad man with a blue box and some big damn heroes.

These random statements add up to one thing – passion. Being a nerd means passion. Being passionate means I care.

I get excited about awesome design. Excited about finding it, excited about making it. If I’m excited, you are definitely going to be excited.

It’s difficult getting excited about something causing you stress.

Working together means less stress and more excitement for you!


Creative Design for Creative Entrepreneurs

Are you a creative entrepreneur?


Even if you don’t think you are, even if you don’t fit in the traditional creative categories of artist, writer, or musician, YOU are a creative entrepreneur.

You created your business. You created your brand. You created your content.

I believe everyone is capable of creativity. Your style of creativity plus my style of creativity equals an explosive amount of awesome! Together, we will craft a website and brand identity that highlights your unique creativity, ensuring your ideal customer falls in love with you.

It’s as close to Amortentia as you can get with a computer.